“Yen, you should open a bakery!” I often get this comment whenever I share my baking goodies with my friends. So here I am, setting up this blog of my own, sharing my cooking and baking experiences with all of you.

Now I have a website named yenbakery.com, people start asking “Yen, do you own a bakery?” The answer is not yet. Opening a bakery has always been my dream and I know I will open one in the near future. But for now, I “blog” a bakery, but don’t own any physical bakery shop.

I am a regular 9 to 5 professional, doing finance related work. I like to try out new recipes and love to create my own recipes too. I got frustrated whenever I tried a recipe that doesn’t work. I think one of the reason Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson are both so popular is their recipes rock -very easy to follow and the results are incredibly delicious! Since I “blog” my bakery, I have the responsibility to make sure my recipes can deliver the delicious results. I can’t sell my baking goods in the shop to you, but I can share how I made those goodies with you. Just so you can make it on your own and share it with people around you.

Happy baking! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Also, all the comments and suggestions are very welcome!

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P.S. I also keep a Chinese version of this website for my mom and sister. Here’s the link: http://yenbakery.com/tw/